Sunday, December 21, 2014

Heather Cagle, Teacher, Fired For Taking Kids On Ride In Car Trunk

A middle school teacher in Oklahoma has been fired after school officials say she put students into her car trunk to run an errand.

Heather Cagle, who taught at Wells Middle School in Catoosa, allegedly packed 11 of her students into her Honda Accord last October for a trip to Walmart for snacks, according to Fox 23. Seven of the kids piled into the backseat, two rode in front, and two 12-year-old girls were locked in the trunk. She did not have parental or school permission for the snack quest.

“It was a terrible mistake,” she told the school board Wednesday. “I didn't want to hurt anyone. I just wanted to do something nice."

She then drove to a Walmart store just behind the middle school. The two buildings share a parking lot, according to KJRH.

While an attorney for Catoosa Public Schools called the act “mental abuse”, Cagle’s lawyer says the teacher merely violated a seatbelt law, and pointed out she didn’t force any of the children into the car.

Neverhteless, the board voted to axe the teacher, who has worked for the school since 2005.

“No parent or grandparent or guardian should ever expect that any teacher, particularly not an experienced teacher, will take their children off campus in the trunk of a personal vehicle,” attorney Karen Long told Tulsa World.

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This Tortoise Cannot Stop Bothering This Cat

The interspecies cold war is heating up in this household, and this tortoise is clearly the aggressor.

It's unclear precisely what the belligerent reptile hopes to accomplish. Does he presume to establish dominance over the home's rightful leader, Fred the cat? Even the family dog looks like he knows his place.

Initially unperturbed by the tortoise's attempts to shell-shock him, Fred caves and tries to bat at his challenger, only to be met with a paw-full of carapace. Is the best offense a good defense? What if the odds were evened a bit?

In any case, the tortoise fared far better than the average baby against his feline opponent.

(H/T Reddit)

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Your Mom And Aunt Chatting About Totally Random S**t, Lip-Synced By Two Young Dudes

If you’ve never experienced the magic of watching two 30-something guys lip-syncing a random conversation between two 60-year-old women, today’s your lucky day.

Comedic trio Mitch Lewis, Nik Kazoura and Greg Washburn (collectively known as The Kloons) are back this week with the latest episode of "Sisters,” a series in which Lewis and Kazoura act out the most mundane conversations between Kazoura's mom and aunt.

In this installment, the pair chat about Bill Murray while working out at the gym. The result? Hilarity, as per usual.

H/T Reddit