Saturday, October 27, 2012

WATCH: Raw Brain Taste Test

BuzzFeed editor Gavon Laessig decided to taste a variety of raw brains. And thank goodness he did, because we're sure that you've also had the burning desire to know how various raw animal brains taste. You're in luck, dear reader!

Laessig found that the chicken just tasted like chicken fat (note: the chicken was half cooked since raw poultry can transmit salmonella) whereas the lamb and goat brains were considerably more gelatinous, with tastes that reminded him of sashimi. Pig tasted, well, pork-like (with a bonus choking hazard of a small part of the skull left in). The baby cow had the firm texture of raw tuna...and it was Laessig's favorite.

As this video was created by BuzzFeed, of course there are some animated GIFs that recount the experience as well. Bon appetit!


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